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:iconblacksparklesplz:Welcome all Monsters!:iconblacksparklesplz:

Your Monster has been accepted into the grandest of Academies, Monster Academy to be exact! You look around you can you see things you never seen before, creatures you didn't even believe in! You as a student can take classes and roleplay with your teachers, find romance or even a rival to compete with! You'll never know the excitement you're missing out on, so what are you waiting for? Come on in!

Invite only

Now don't be discouraged! just because this is an invite only group does not mean you can not join! Simply Go to our chat rooms and get the feel of the members, pending members (people who aren't members but have a character sheet) will be able to roleplay in the OOC and really find out if this is the place for them. The invite only isn't to scare people away but to prevent people from joining and then later finding out that this isn't their cup of tea. If you really wish to join, speak with an existing member and see if you can become sponsored. When you enter in your app, please put down who sponsored you with the link to your character sheet, all other member acceptance forms will be denied so please make double sure you've read all the rules!

Art help

This group likes to focus on roleplay and art submissions, though art submissions are not required, you will have to complete your school assignment with either a picture, writing assignment, or a submission of your roleplay between you and your teacher. If you do not know how to draw then please visit our Art help Journal!

Point System

Head shots: (shoulders and up)25% of the body
sketch: 10 Points
Line art: 20 Points
Color: 35 Points
Color w/shading: 60 Points
3d model: 25 Points

Half body: (hips and up)50% of the body
Sketch: 25 Points
Line art: 35 Points
Color: 50 Points
Color w/shading: 100 Points
3d model: 50 Points

Full body: (everything else)60% and up
Sketch: 30 Points
Line art: 50 Points
Color: 75 Points
Color w/shading: 200 Points
3d model: 100 Points

Sketch: 30 Points
Line art: 40 Points
Color: 55 Points
Color w/shading: 150 Points
3d model: 75 Points

Sketch: +10 Points
Line art: +30 Points
Color: +25-100 Points
Color w/Shading: +50-200 Points
3d model: +30-150 Points

For every written work you will receive

10 points- Haiku
50 points- Short poem (10 lines will Classify it as a short poem)
75 points- Long poem (30 Lines will Classify it as a Long poem
100 points- Long song
10 points per 100 words - Prose and etc

On the matter of RP Logs (Chatroom, skype, notes, etc)
To reward Points on RP Logs you can do one of two things:
*Split the total amount evenly between participants. Recommended when 2-3 people are participating.
*Word Count each participant. Recommended for Chatroom group RPs. If there is no "Word count" for each participant, a split of the total amount will be done. (regardless of number of people and level of participation)


January 1st-March 31st 2013
Is Semester One

April 1st-June30th 2013
Is Semester Two

July 1st-September 31st 2013
Is Semester Three

October 1st-December 31st 2013
Is Semester Four



It is the year 2014 and the clothing styles are constantly changing in the City of Cadance, but this is not a ordinary city. For it has something strange inside. In the down town area, a tall sky scraper reaches up into the skies above, the tip covered by the looming grey clouds. People go in and out every day but they leave no sign to tell you what lies behind yonder doors. The address is 789 6th st. Cadance, NA 845123. Cadance is a large city, roughly the size of New York, and the Country Nacoir, or NA, is wide and has a very large amount of land. Outside of the city is nothing but long farm lands and vineyards. Cadance is the lone city on the Island of Nacoir, which is located East of the United States and within the mist of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the size of the state Oregon and is very populated with humans.

As you enter the sky scraper through the main entrance, you are greeted with a second door. The second door refuses attempts of opening until the first one has fully closed. There, the glass door opens up and the sturdy gates of the school are revealed. When you walk in it's like a whole different realm, expanding far into a bright blue sky as if you stepped outside rather than in. Only students with their ID card can go in and out of these doors, with their glamor on. Glamor is the students equivalent of make up, it helps them blend into society. Also another prerequisite is that the student must have taken Human Studies, to know the etiquette of the world beyond.

Now for you students! You have all received an acceptance letter. This will tell you, in full detail, how to attend class and how to get in the first time. From the far end of town there is an entrance to the Catacombs, There is a detailed map in the letter telling you exactly how to get in. You have to take many twists and turns, that look exactly the same in your eyes, but the map is very clear and only an imbecile could get lost. Once you get to your destination you are greeted with a large door that is unlike any other your eyes have laid upon before. It is framed with a type of jagged, black rock, that may be volcanic. The doors are long and seem to be made out of Stained oak. You're instructed to knock twice. Once knocked, the door opens up to the lower hallway of the building. There you will be greeted by the Headmistress, a large owl woman. She asks you for your Glamor host item. You present her with such an item, examples are like watches or cell phones are common. Your item is now enchanted and she encourages you to try it.

Once you activate it for the first time, it tingles all over your body. You then look around and she points a mirror at your face. "I hope you like it" She chirps with an all knowing wisdom. "You may take any classes in any order, but you may not leave the school until you've completed your human studies class. You can take up to three classes a semester and a minimum of one." She goes over the schedule and then shows you to the main hall. It seems though this school is in a normal sky scraper, the building is much more like an old English castle. Like the building was enchanted, only the doors were attached but nothing else. When in the school you can see the castle and the vast fields around it. But when you exit the front door you are greeted with the street of a busy city. She shows you to your classes and gives a brief introduction to all the teachers. She then takes you out the back door. You know that there is magic afoot when you see the acres and acres of land just waiting for you. There is also an impressive military grade obstacle course at your disposal. "and this is where you'll be taking your M.P.E. class, though if you fly please be careful not to fly higher than 500 meters in the air, our magic will not allow you to leave" she winks at you and she continues to show you around, including the dorm you will be staying at. They are on the 7th(boys) and 8th(girls) floor and are separated by gender. She then goes over the consequences of students sneaking over and other such rules.

She finally gives you your dorm room key and tells you she has to go greet more students and you should sign up for classes and to reach your teachers at your own leisure.

First floor:

Human Studies
Expressive arts



Second floor:

Home Economics
Monster Anatomy
Mythical Medicine
Mystics and Magic
Martial arts

Third floor:

Ancient languages
Mischief and Mayhem

Fourth floor:

Shadow manipulation

Fifth floor:

Teacher Offices

Sixth Floor:

Headmistress Office

Seventh Floor:

Boy Dorms

Eighth floor:

Girl Dorms

Ninth floor:

Teacher Dorms

Lovely Chibis done by Zanyzarah


Countdown to Enrollments End

Tuesday, April 28th @ 11:59pm



:bulletgreen:Drawing Rules:bulletgreen:
There has been a little confusion that I would like to clear up. This group is meant to collide both writing and drawing artists together in a role playing group. This isn't very common, I'm sure you know. This is because there are some who cannot draw, but write fantastically. I feel like we would be hindering our role playing by eliminating the wonderful writers we have here in DA.

Because of this I'm allowing people to use other artists, bases, and doll makers. But there's always something we need to remember. We must always credit the original artist. They spent time and effort into their art and they deserve respect. I will not tolerate art thieves in this group.

:bulletblue:Academy Rules:bulletblue:
1. Read the F.A.Q.s and other journals before joining. they contain most of the needed info!
2. You may use any creature in mythology, but not a named monster like Medusa or Hades.
3. You may make up a monster, but your character will be looked at more carefully for balance.
4. You may use a mage, or other human that has superhuman talents.
5. You must carry a glamor with you at all times. This can take the shape of anything you can physically posses.
6. Every student must live in the dorms.
7. Dorms are separated by male and female and then by grade.
8. There is a sky barrier above the school - students that fly must not fly higher than the barrier. If they try, it will deflect them and make them dizzy.
9. Inside the school grounds you are allowed to show your true form. Only when exiting school grounds must you wear your glamor.
10. There is no dress code, but please wear something...

:bulletred:Role Play Rules:bulletred:
1. NO GOD-MODDING (To ensure this rule is followed, please select your powers from the already accepted list in the journals
2. Do not use OOC (out of character) knowledge. For instance, if my character has a weakness to copper... and your character had no way of knowing that, if you use copper against me, that is cheating.
3. Use your brain!
4. Be realistic. I don't need overpowered characters running amuck.
5. A good role play gives and takes.
6. You're not allowed to use powers unless they are on your character sheet. Don't make stuff up as you go along...
7. Keep true to your character!
8. Stay active!
9. This group won't solely rely on your contributing art, but it does on role play. YOU MUST ATTEND THE CHAT AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. I'm tired of dead chat rooms..
10. There will be a "lit" chat and a "script" chat. "Lit" chat requires at least 4 sentences and "script" chat requires at least 2.

The Feast of Flowers Event Info!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 12:19 PM
Trumpets begin to blair in the maze and soon you all find yourselves led back to the same three pedestals from whence you retrieved your weapons. From somewhere unseen you hear a cheering crowd like at a greek coliseum as the little winged antler man appears above you again with a goblet of wine in one hand from which he sips deeply, "Now brave heroes, your challenges begin!" He shouts happily as with a great grinding sound the maze doors three bar's slide open and reveal the innner twisting maze proper inside....

Alright everybody, remember the rules from the previous journal. Don't worry, if you aren't in a fully formed team yet you still have time, but the clock is ticking, so read on!

The maze seems to swallow all sound as the green thorny walls are composed of thickly entwined vines and stems. As you proceed down the winding passages you feel a presence following you and turn to see a....

Find the element of your sword wielder to see what you are running from!

You turn to see a massive lizard beast composed entirely of marigolds! A salamander to be precise as you feel the shimmering heat radiating from it and it chases you roaring through the maze!

The first thing you hear is the slight wet slithering noise followed by a low sibilant hiss as you turn to see a massive serpentine creature with four arms made of iris's and dripping water rise up behind you. The naga swipes at you as you begin to run, following after you swiftly!

It's the rumbling you notice first, the ground heaving up in front of you down the path you were about to take and then it explodes as the creature made of lavender turns to let out a deep hollow roar at you. Almost instantly the Wurm dives back into the earth and begins burrowing furiously after you!

The smell. The wait right before a rain that heralds a storm. You smell your pursuer long before you see the noble fierce creature of clematis. The Kirin lets out a defiant whinny as lightning strikes around it and it begins to gallop after you!

A faint mist covers the ground, and the blinding effect it has almost hides the wise face from view until the blinding light emanating from the creature made of narcissus eyes seems to look straight into you. With an ear shattering roar the Sphinx gives chase, a great cat on the hunt!

The maze takes on a dark hue, shadows getting deeper until one of your paths is blocked by three pairs of smoldering red eyes from a creature made of the darkest dahlia's. The Cerberus growls from all three heads as it pads menacingly forward letting loose a howl of the chase as you flee!

Holy cow who puts crazy mythological creatures made of flowers into a maze! Your task is to avoid your pursuer and get to the next area. An attack might slow them down or knock them over, but you know that defeating these things is out of the question and running is your best option, especially since your sword is the same element as your pursuer so you will have to rely on your teammates for help! Get started as the next maze gate (aka the next part) will post on Tuesday, and the final gate on Thursday. You have until the end of the event to rack up the points to finish all three, but time is a tickin.

More Journal Entries


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